Manson covers Ministry for the Atomic Blonde Soundtrack

Marilyn Manson and Tyler Bates have recorded a cover of Ministry’s Stigmata for the soundtrack of Atomic Blonde.

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Marilyn Manson on tour

Alternative rock legend Marilyn Manson announced a 2017 tour, in support of his highly anticipated new studio album. In addition to the previously announced dates, three more shows in France and the Netherlands have been added. Tickets for these will be available on Wednesday 24th May.

Marilyn Manson’s new album is due for release by Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline International this year.

Photo: PEROU.

Marilyn Manson’s Shocking Trump Video

The acclaimed glam rocker’s latest music video, for ‘SAY10,’ features him laying waste to a man who looks an awful lot like Donald Trump.

That is how Marilyn Manson, ever the provocateur, describes the incredibly graphic new music video for “SAY10,” the title track off his upcoming 10th studio album, due sometime this year. The video, directed and conceptualized by Tyler Shields, depicts a besuited Manson seated on his throne in a caliginous, smoky room. “Cash is the poor man’s money,” he sings, before tearing out pages of a Bible, and, in a lightning-fast montage: beheading a blond man in a dark suit and red power tie who resembles Donald Trump.

You can watch the NSFW clip at The Daily Beast.